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I launched 242 Amazon products

Learn the exact 5 lessons I gained

About The Webinar

Nemo interviews Chris Rawlings, Amazon seller and founder of Judolaunch, on his experiences and insights from successfully launching more than 242 products on multiple Amazon marketplaces.

You are getting:

  • Chris' 2-part formula for a successful international launch
  • Tips for product photos mastery (and why it's so important)
  • Most practical ways to manage every (new) Amazon policy
  • Best way to automate your business and free up your time 
This webinar is intended to serve fellow Amazon sellers who want to get to the next level of sales and grow their business.

The Speakers

Speaker Image
Chris Rawlings
CEO of a leading Amazon brand and founding CEO of Judolaunch, which helps Amazon sellers explosively expand into overseas Amazon marketplaces. Over 242 products launched and counting.
Speaker Image
Nemo Chu
Former head of marketing at Bloomfire & Kissmetrics. Now founding CEO of a 55-person multi-channel eCommerce company selling high-touch fulfillment services and digital & physical products.

Webinar Topics

Webinar introduction
Nemo introduces Chris Rawlings and heaps praise on him. Chris stays elegantly poised.
Uncovering as many Amazon secrets as possible
Nemo interviews Chris and makes him give up as many secrets as possible.
Tips & tricks from JudoLaunch
For those of you who are searching for a fast way to boost your Amazon sales
Implement the Secret Hacks in real life
Furiously work on applying all the useful stuff Chris shares.

Get the exact Amazon hacks that will serve YOU