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The Hidden Instant Revenue Boost for Amazon Sellers: EU edition

Learn the best kick-ass strategies to dominate the Amazon EU marketplaces

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What you will get:

In-depth step-by-step guide that covers ALL the aspects in your process of internationalization
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Product Launch strategies that you can implement straight away
Competititor analysis of EU marketplaces: What can you expect & How to out-rank them

About the Author


Chris Rawlings
Founder of Judolaunch

To Amazon Sellers from an Amazon Seller

Chris Rawlings was in your exact position a few short years ago. He started an Amazon brand with his life savings, eventually growing it into an international empire.

This ebook is the collection of his experiences and strategies that came from real life experience of tapping into the unknown EU market ( or as we call it ''The Matrix'') and successfully launching 242 products ( and counting).

His goal is to help other Amazon business rockstars launch their way to success, work less and earn more.


Chapter 1 You don't need to learn anything new
Chapter 2 Competition in Amazon EU
Chapter 3 Launch strategies: US vs EU
Chapter 4 How To Step by Step Guide
Chapter 5 Just the Beginning