Is there anything more valuable to a seller than Your perfect audience? (a fanbase, brand advocates, subscribers, you name it).


These are the people who buy your products and promote your brand to others.

These are the customers off-Amazon whose emails you need to GROW.

But how do you get the attention of those customers?

How do you engage them to follow your brand, not Amazon?

How to convert them into recurring customers?

Join us on May 15 at 4PM PST for a List Grow Master - LIVE Webinar and all those questions will be answered, including:

  1. How to grow your list of customers off-Amazon.

  2. Why growing a list gives you a massive competitive advantage in your space.

  3. The top 4 ways to utilize a list of customer email addresses.

  4. How to use a customer list to generate free content for your brand.

  5. The subject lines that convert that lead to the best open rates in this industry.

Chris Rawlings
CEO of a leading Amazon brand and founding CEO of Judolaunch, which helps Amazon sellers explosively expand into overseas Amazon marketplaces. 800 products launched and counting.
Nemo Chu
Former head of marketing at Bloomfire & Kissmetrics. Now founding CEO of a 55-person multi-channel eCommerce company selling high-touch fulfillment services and digital & physical products.
Say "hi" to the Experts
Chris welcomes back Nemo Chu and they open with the short and sweet humble-bragging intro of each other while casually mentioning their vast experience in the field.
Why Grow a List of Your Own Customers?
We all know the value of the customer base to every Amazon seller. But if you’re not giving this audience a way to stay connected—you’re missing out on a valuable opportunity to accelerate the growth of your Amazon business. We'll cover why you need to grab the attention of your potential customers and convert them into your leads.
Own Your Own Customers Ecosystem
Is there a way to gain the most out of the Amazon platform as a seller? Chris and Nemo are not going to leave this webinar without revealing all the secret techniques they know to utilize your audience list and bring even more sales to your brand.
The Immediate Value
You will get a handful of tips you can immediately take while the webinar is still running, including top 4 ways to exploit your email list and best subject lines for high conversion rates.
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