About The Webinar

What are the secret weapons behind the success of Chinese e-commerce companies on Amazon, such as Sunvalley, Aukey, and Anker?
It is time for a full disclosure- from a man who has his boots on the ground.
Judolaunch and 80/20 Sourcing join forces to share with you mind-blowing tactics and strategies that you can adopt and implement straight away- directly from the Chinese sellers community. 
What you will learn:
- Product launch hacks Chinese sellers are using to dominate on Amazon
- No.1 strategy that will advance the effectiveness & speed of your product launches
- How to negotiate with your Chinese suppliers & create long-term partnerships
Make sure to stick around until the very end as we are giving away a special offer!

The Speakers

Chris Rawlings
CEO of a leading Amazon brand and founding CEO of Judolaunch, which helps Amazon sellers explosively expand into overseas Amazon marketplaces. Over 1000 products launched and counting.
Gary Huang
Gary is on the mission to help online sellers save time, frustrations, and money when sourcing products from China through his webinars, coaching, and articles on 80/20 Sourcing. Having worked with hundreds of Chinese suppliers, he’s seen the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of China sourcing.


Say "hi" To The Experts
The Youtube curtains are opening, showing our hosts sitting comfortably in their ergonomic chairs. Chris welcomes Gary Huang and they start the short and sweet humble-bragging intro of each other while casually mentioning their vast experience in the field.
The Mindest Hack
The scene is set. Chris is taking over the role of the interviewer, while Gary is in the hot seat breaking down in details how to source your products from China efficiently and cost-effectively. They dive deep into the mindset of the Chinese sellers and suppliers. You will learn how you can leverage this better understanding to negotiate prices, anticipate problems and enable long-term relationships with your suppliers.
Tactics & ''Dirty Secrets''
We've come to the most intriguing part ...China is not a transparent place and there are a lot of gray areas. Gary starts peeling back the layers of the onion to show you what you need to be careful about and how not to get scammed. Everyone is on the edge of their seat.
The Immediate Value for Action Takers
This is where you are getting the most practical advice and the no.1 game-changing strategy that will advance the effectiveness and speed of your product launches. We will not let you leave empty-handed. Every attendee will leave with something extra!
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