About The Webinar

Let’s talk keywords. You know, that search terms that seem to make it or break it when it comes to your Amazon listing’s visibility and ranking.


They are the blood line of your (well-optimized) listing.

They are the foundation of your product launch.

They are the most important piece of your PPC strategy.


Yes, they are that important. Front-end, hidden, long-tail, non-indexed.

All of them.


What sellers often seem to forget is that Amazon is, first of all, a search engine.
And, without strong keyword practices, the products you sell on Amazon are irrelevant.

Invisible. Buried down. On page 2, or page 40. Doesn't really matter.


This is why on Thursday 13th December at 10 am PST I am hosting Bradley Sutton from Helium 10 to reveal everything you need to know to conduct a successful keyword research and turn that knowledge into a boosted visibility, clicks and conversions at an impressive rate.


 What you will learn:

  1. The most powerful keyword research technique that will help you target your most profitable keywords
  2. How to analyze your search term reports like a keyword master
  3. A unique review strategy that will help your conversion rates
  4. Our #1 advice for driving more traffic to your product listing to boost your ranking
Make sure to stick around until the very end as we are giving away a special offer!

The Speakers

Chris Rawlings
CEO of a leading Amazon brand and founding CEO of Judolaunch, which helps Amazon sellers explosively expand into overseas Amazon marketplaces. Over 1000 products launched and counting.
Bradley Helium 10
Bradley Sutton
Brought on in July 2018 as the Operations Manager at Helium 10, Bradley has since transitioned to the Success Manager Role- in charge of training and education for Helium10. Before then, he was an Amazon sellers consultant, personally handling the launches of more than 400 products for his clients.


Say "hi" To The Experts
The Youtube curtains are opening, showing our hosts sitting comfortably in their ergonomic chairs. Chris warmly welcomes Bradley and they start the short and sweet humble-bragging intro of each other while casually mentioning their vast experience in the field.
Let's Talk About Keyword Research Hacks
Chris is taking over the role of the interviewer, while Bradley is in the hot seat breaking down in details how to do a keyword research effectively. They dive deep into Bradley's unique technique. You will learn how you can leverage this strategy to get better clicks, conversions and visibility.
All About Reports & Reviews
We've come to the most intriguing part ...Bradley first gives a deeper insight into the search term report analysis and how to select the most profitable keywords, while Chris shares some of the best PPC practices. At the end of this segment, a quite unique review technique has been reveiled.
The Immediate Value for Action Takers
This is where you are getting the most practical advice and the no.1 advice that will advance the effectiveness of your keyword research and visibility of your product lisitings. We will not let you leave empty-handed. Every attendee will leave with something extra!
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